Sustainable development

Maçonnex fully adheres to the principles of sustainable development which harmonizes respect for the environment, economic development and social conscience.

Sustainable products that respect the environment

The bricks, stone, wood and even concrete that go into our wall coverings and landscaping products come from the earth and can be salvaged for re-entry into the manufacturing process.

A sustainable product contributes to the environment by creating less waste and fewer industrial processes to manufacture a replacement.

Many of the wall coverings distributed by Maçonnex have insulating characteristics that make them accessible to the Rénoclimat and RénoVert programs. Rénoclimat et RénoVert.

All stoves and fireplaces sold by Maçonnex comply with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standard to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Maçonnex and society

Little Martin had a great trip to Walt Disney thanks to the Maçonnex team

Little Martin had a great trip to Walt Disney thanks to the Maçonnex team


Our contribution to sustainable development is also based on the human and social values ??that guide each of our actions. In this regard, let us mention our long-standing contribution to Operation Enfant Soleil and Rêves d'Enfants. We collect a large sum each year thanks to our Maçonnex golf course.

Tournoi de golf aux profits de Rêves d'Enfants

Maçonnex is also partnering with Carbone Boréal to plant trees. These trees have the property of absorbing greenhouse gases, which are responsible for global warming.

Maconnex et Fondation Maurice TanguayFinally, Maçonnex also participates in many foundations through donations of money or donation of materials: the Maurice Tanguay Foundation and the loto-maison for the Fondation de la tablée populaire de Drummondville.

Grant programs

To identify the products eligible for government subsidy programs, consult your Maçonnex advisor.


  • Grant up to $ 2,440.
  • The product must cover at least 20% of the exterior walls of the residence.
  • You must call in a Rénoclimat advisor before starting the work.


We are partners of Eco Habitation, the benchmark in ecological housing in Canada. They offer training and certifications in eco-responsible housing for contractors and individuals. Visit their website.